Apple Offers Free Smart Keyboard

It's been a few year and a half since Apple's iPad professional hit the market, which suggests the laptop-ditching early adopters have had lots of time to mash the keys and place Apple's smart Keyboard through some rigorous paces. sadly for a few users, however, those keyboards have started experiencing some "functional issues" like projected or unresponsive keys and shoddy connections that create it troublesome to really get some work done. in keeping with an internal memorandum circulated to Apple Stores and repair suppliers last week, the company plans to deal with these problems by providing free repairs on any smart Keyboard among three years of the acquisition date.

As nine to five mac reports, the extended repair program covers each the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch sensible Keyboard models and applies to problems like: stuck, continuance or unresponsive keys, yet as sensing element issues and problems with the magnetic connection. The devices were all lined by Apple's 12-month restricted warranty at launch, that the new program primarily offers an additional 2 years of coverage for the keyboards -- though it does not cover the tablets themselves. If you have already shelled out for a replacement keyboard that may are lined beneath the new program, Apple will issue you a refund. On the opposite hand, if you have been troubled to sort out your debut novel on Apple's pro-level, $150-plus typewriting surface, you must in all probability get yourself to the Genius Grove.


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