What Happens If An Astronaut Drinks Coca Cola

Soda in space is a bit problematic.  In tiny gravity the light gas bubbles won't hurry to came the top of the fluid and escape.  They will stay in the liquid.  This means the aeronautic will consume appreciably more gas drinking a soda in space than one would drinking a soda on the earth.  Drinking a carbonated drink could be like drinking a suds slurp.

That means there will need to burp rather than we do to release that gas.  That is okay except burping in space is not sweet for the same reason indicated above for the soda.  On the Earth gases and liquids naturally sequestered in the digestive system because the lighter gases climb above the heavier liquids.  But in tiny gravity that is not happen.  When one burps in space it is oft a "wet burp" which means some liquid is come out.  It's kind of like acid.


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