Why Rhinoceros Horns Worth More Than Gold

Rhinoceros horns have been prized in numerous cultures for lots of years. In China and other Asian nations, the fabric remains valued as a element in conventional medicinal treatments. because of a current resurgence in call for, a single three-kilogram horn can sell for as a great deal as $300,000.

because of those costs, poachers have hunted rhinos to near extinction. it's a word that gets tossed round plenty, however the current scenario is excessive. This new surge in demand, especially in Vietnam, has led specialists to finish that the rhinoceros can be extinct in 10 years.
The cruel irony of all of it, as trace Dominguez reviews on this DNews unique, is that rhino horn nearly simply has no actual medicinal price. Its popularity as a treatment-all is based totally on historical traditional medicine practices which have zero basis in science.


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