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Ethiopia Under Ground Human Giant City Found

A team of archaeologists has created a amazing discovery in Ethiopia.  Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a long lost town in Ethiopia, which according to native legends was once lived by giants. A British team archaeologists led by Timothy Insoll, is a professor at the University of Exeter in UK has discovered in Ethiopia an old “city of giants” found in Harlan, 300 kilometer from the capital Of the country Addis Ababa and 125 kilometer from the red sea. 
During the excavations, a 12th-century mosque was found whose construction style is just like to those of Somalia and Tanzania.  Its engineering shows the existence of strong cementation between the different Islamic cultural of Africa.  Archaeologists also found jewelry and numerous objects with origins as diverse as Egypt, India, China, Maldives, Madagascar, or Yemen. 
These discoveries think that Ethiopia was more connected to the world than previously believe.  it is believed that the town was a very important center of …

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

Among the things most of the people wish they could do more is travel. a break from one’s usual habitat and routine is usually all it takes to snap out of a funk. Sadly, travel is, in several cases, obscenely high cost, with plane ticket prices forever rising, and Boarding and food expenses inflating in similar fashion. Moving back to our original statement, while getting out of one’s usual routine and habitat may be an incredible rush, it will never be done without some high regard and might be dangerous, and in extreme cases; deadly.

Thailand, Bangkok Thailand itself is somewhat of a volatile place currently, given the ongoing political situation that has been rocking the country for the past year. With that said however, political and social strife aside, Bangkok will either be an incredible party or a complete nightmare. Coordinated criminal organization is rampant throughout the city and lots of criminals, both of the organized and petty types, target tourists. While it may not be…