Ethiopia Under Ground Human Giant City Found

A team of archaeologists has created a amazing discovery in Ethiopia.  Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a long lost town in Ethiopia, which according to native legends was once lived by giants. A British team archaeologists led by Timothy Insoll, is a professor at the University of Exeter in UK has discovered in Ethiopia an old “city of giants” found in Harlan, 300 kilometer from the capital Of the country Addis Ababa and 125 kilometer from the red sea. 

During the excavations, a 12th-century mosque was found whose construction style is just like to those of Somalia and Tanzania.  Its engineering shows the existence of strong cementation between the different Islamic cultural of Africa.  Archaeologists also found jewelry and numerous objects with origins as diverse as Egypt, India, China, Maldives, Madagascar, or Yemen. 

These discoveries think that Ethiopia was more connected to the world than previously believe.  it is believed that the town was a very important center of commerce in the region during the time period between the 10 and 15 centuries and had commercial links with the Egypt, Persian gulf and India. 

Archaeologist’s area unit analyzing the remains of about 310 people found in burial chambers within the unbelievable “city of giants” in order to find what their diet consisted of and to understand more about the origins of this archaic community. 

Local legends speak of giants that inhabited the city, because the buildings and walls of the settlement were create of blocks of stone very big locals think they could not have been erected by normal people. 
And while this may all be exciting scientists not found evidence what so ever of the existence of beings of disproportionate stature in the town.  Insoll believes that the population living in the town was a mixed community of foreigners and locals engaged in trade and jewelry production. 

Ancient cultures all around the globe have legends that speak of giants that once roamed the world. It does not matter what continent we are looking at, legends of giants exist everywhere. Most curious ancient scripts which determined giants were real was discovered in the Qumran a series of big and small caves, artificial and some natural found around the historical place of Qumran in the Judeans Desert of the west bank.There, Archaeologist recovered the so called Book of Giants an apocryphal mortal book spreading a narrative in the Hebrew Bible.  According to scientist, this old text is believed to have been based on the Enoch Book. considered as a pseudopod graphical work dating back to begging of the third century BCE. 


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