Bringing Brain Dead People Back To Life

Bringing Brain Dead People Back To Life

Dead people can reborn? is it possible.thank for the advanced technology reborn is not impossible. you cannot imagine how it'll do the scientist.

Company Bioquark Inc try to give life back the brain dead person. this we can not imaging but it is true. brain death peoples considered as clinically dead people Because they do not have any feeling
at least they don't even breathe. They are live with the help of machines But do not underestimate science. They use 20 brain dead people do Various tests First injected stem cells. It stem cells get from the patient's body. Then the protein mixture is injected into the patient's backbone Then it is said that the new neurons are start to growing A 15-day laser treatment and a neural stimulation are carried out As a result, neurons can reverse.That company has good faith in the process? No one has been able to answer that.The majority of the scientists do not believe in this test But how can we say that it does not succeed without trying? Will this company be able to make their test successful?
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